Virtual Reality
Innovation Academy

Immersive STEM Experiences &
VR Innovation Certificate Program

Virtual Reality Innovation Program

25 Sessions

Designed to enhance 21st century learning skills






Amazing STEM Experiences in VR

The program lets students visualize & experience amazing STEM concepts in an immersive and interactive virtual reality environment.

STEM Experiences in VR

Educational Excursions in VR

Learn, Build & Code your own VR Project

Along with VR experiences, the innovation program enable students to learn, build and code their own VR projects which help them develop strong interest in Science, Technology and Mathematics.
  • Engage students' creativity and imagination
  • Use revolutionary technology
  • Enhance digital literacy skills and develop visual learning and thinking
  • Practice collaboration and teamwork

VR Voyager

Level 1: Foundation

For Age Group 7-10 years

VR Victor

Level 2: Proficient

For Age Group 11-14 years

VR Visionary

Level 3: Distinguished

For Age Group 15-18 years

Why Virtual Reality?

Whether it is by bringing ancient history to life, virtually transportingstudentsto outerspace,ortakingthem on afantastic voyage deep inside the human body, virtual reality is leading the charge in the transformation of learning and teaching experiencesglobally.


AR / VR Market Size
by 2025

Source: Goldman Sachs


Enterprises evaluating & adopting AR/VR by 2019

Source: Gartner

Veative Labs, A Leading Virtual Reality Solution Provider

Veative Labs, a Singapore holding company, is the world leader in offering VR solutions. Veative’sVR solutions are running in more than 20 countries including US, Canada, Australia, China, UAE, South Africa and so on. We work with and have been lauded for our work in virtual reality technology by prestigious partners such as UNESCO, UNICEF, Unity, and NISA

150+ workforce

Experienced AR/VR
650+ VR Modules

VR Modules in
Education & Training
Projects in 20+ Countries

Countries for Pilot
and Projects
Avalaible in 8+ languages

Global Languages
20+ Countries

Veative has launched its Awareness drive for Virtual Reality (VR) based School Education. The regions we are covering in our first phase of this initiative are Africa, India, the Middle East, USA, and the UK. Our expert teams are visiting various schools and conducting awareness workshops involving both teachers and students, without any cost to the school or learning institute.

Global VR Awareness Programs