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Whether it is by bringing ancient history to life, virtually transporting students to outer space, or taking them on a fantastic voyage deep inside the human body, virtual reality technology is leading the charge in the transformation of learning and teaching experiences globally. The core strength of virtual reality technology lies in the visualization and simulation of learning content, foregrounding a richly experiential mode of acquiring, absorbing and retaining knowledge. What VR facilitates in the classroom is a synergistic confluence between our experience of reality and the fertile creativity of our imagination.


Heather Bellini of Goldman Sachs Research expects virtual and augmented reality to become an $80 billion market by 2025, roughly the size of the desktop PC market today.

VeativeLabs, a Singapore holding company, is the world leader in offering VR solutions. Veative’sVR solutions are running in more than 20 countries including US, Canada, Australia, China, UAE, South Africa and so on. We work with and have been lauded for our work in virtual reality technology by prestigious partners such as UNESCO, UNICEF, Unity, and NISA.

First of its kind Virtual Reality Innovation Program for children age 7 to 18

The program offers school children with some amazing interactive immersive STEM experiences along with a certification course on VR coding enabling children to make their own VR experiences, not just consume them.

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We are looking for dynamic individuals and organizations who do not settle for anything less than the best. We are building a network of business partners who are willing to venture into virtual reality sector and stand to gain from it.

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